Virtual CIO Services (new)

Virtual CIO Services – Virtual IT Management and Consulting

Aligning your IT operations to support your business strategy

Through Virtual CIO (vCIO), we work with you to align your internal systems and processes to drive business goals, meet compliance requirements and protect your data.

Virtual CIO, vCIO, as an IT Professional Service provides technical and business consulting through our Client Advisors to help meet a customer’s needs. vCIO provides the customer with a qualified Client Advisor to help design, implement and report on a comprehensive IT strategy.

Virtual CIO Managed Services


  • QBR (Coordinate identified vendors providing a QBR) 
  • IT Hub with Best Practices Check List, Activities Dashboard, Vendor tracking) 


  • QBR (Coordinate identified vendors providing a QBR) 
  • IT Hub with Best Practices Check List, Activities Dashboard, Vendor tracking, Microsoft Secure Score checklist, IT Projects) 
  • Domain and SSL Tracking 
  • My Glue Documentation 


  • QBR (Coordinate identified vendors providing a QBR) 
  • IT Hub with Best Practices Check List, Activities Dashboard, Vendor tracking) 
  • Domain and SSL Tracking 
  • Systems monitoring site 24×7 (add-in to IT Hub) 
  • My Glue documentation 
  • Technical Advisory Support 

Optional, Customizable Add-ons or Services

  • Project Management/Trello
  • SharePoint
  • MS Teams
  • IT Hub customization
  • IT Glue customization
  • Site 24×7 Customization
  • Helpdesk implementation
  • Policies and procedures

vCIO Service Details

IT Goals Planning and Documentation

We conduct a quarterly business review (QBR) to review more formally both your high-level IT plans as well as vendor performance. We plan and define IT goals as per your business requirement and ensure that your company’s technology contributes to achieving the strategic goals of the organization. We document goals that are precise, measurable, and actionable and can be assigned to specific departments or individual staff members.

IT Policies Review and Modifications

Businesses need to adapt to the ever-changing IT security landscapes and sometimes some policies seem inadequate. We review and modify your IT policies to ensure that they align with compliance standards and current best practices while also contributing to rapid business growth. We maintain copies of policies in a central repository, IT Hub (or IT Glue), so your documents are stored safely.

Monitoring and Measurement of Established IT Goals

Monitoring and measuring IT goals is not just about providing insight into IT operations but also about ensuring that everything works as expected to support established IT goals. We use advanced monitoring tools to gather metrics to ensure that IT infrastructure is available and performing as per your business requirements.

IT Project Support

Do you lack the on-site skillset or time or resources for a particular IT project? We have engineers following best practices to ensure that most common issues are addressed and avoided during any IT project implementation. We have the expert skill sets as well as advanced resources to make your IT project a success.

vCIO Service Benefits

  • Cost: Decrease the costs of IT expertise by leveraging the critical knowledge of IT professionals across a broader spectrum
  • Agility: Increase your business’s agility by supplementing your IT capabilities and create a knowledge base that is much more than the sum of its parts
  • Capacity: We have a robust network of experienced technical talent.
  • Roadmap: Follow a strategic roadmap for success with technologies such as cloud, collaboration, virtualization, security, end-user support and business continuity objectives

Endeavor vCIO Managed IT Services

Endeavor specializes in supporting businesses with scalable vCIO services. Contact us today to find out how we can help our virtual CIOs services can help you grow your business!