Managed Print Services

Comprehensive Managed Print Services

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) recently updated their definition of managed print services (MPS) to the active management and optimization of business processes related to documents and information, including input and output devices. Managed Print Services are services offered to assess, optimize and continually manage an organization’s document output environment in order to lower costs, improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce risk. We can help you with your Managed Print Services needs, especially if you are involved in the healthcare industry.

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Secure and Reliable Technology

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) is installed on a single workstation at your location in 15 minutes. The DCA runs as a Windows® service in the background, collecting and transmitting critical imaging metrics to the secure web server. Your printer information will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the secure website. No personal or user data is collected with the software; only the core metrics needed to maintain and manage printing assets are gathered.

Access needs may include:

  • Remote access to target workstation
  • Administrative user (workgroup or domain)
  • Target email(s) for portal access and reports (up to three)

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Strategic Approach to Managed Print Services


We will provide a detailed assessment of your current environment, including the number of devices, different makes and models, and the types of devices running. This is key to managing costs.


Working with your IT staff, expert consultants will develop short and long-term objectives (including SLAs) to improve your printing services and management.


The implementation phase includes printer management software deployment, consumables alerts and establishing procedures for requesting supplies and service.


With the right software tools, you’ll be able to automate your print management, including supplies tracking and ordering, trouble shooting and repair, and usage monitoring.


Our MPS team will show you which devices to retain, which to reposition or repurpose, and which to replace. We also include periodic business reviews, TCO analysis and green strategies.

Organizations can spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print. 

Source: IDC

Managing your printers and supplies can reduce your overall printing costs up to 20% to 30%.

Source: IDC

The ratio of employees to printers is an average office is 4:1, but the optimal ratio is 10:1.

Source: Gartner

40% of IT help desk calls are printer related.

Source: Gartner

Leveraging Remote Monitoring and Management Services

for Printer Fleets in the Cloud

Managed Print Features

  • OEM Agnostic
  • Full upfront assessment of your current environment and inventory check with ongoing asset management
  • Initial preventative maintenance clean of equipment with ongoing clean following manufacturers maintenance recommendation
  • Ongoing monitoring, management, service and optimization of your environment
  • Optimization plan and strategy
  • Access to a variety of tools, including costing tools, smart alerts, and reporting
  • Toner installation
  • Toner Usage Optimization
  • Pay per page or per device
  • Per printer licensing
  • Hosted service

Managed Print Benefits

  • Optimize your environment. Endeavor will optimize your environment to ensure that the proper devices are being utilized for your printing environment, helping to reduce costs in the process.
  • Real-time alerts. We will pro-actively manage your imaging equipment and immediately notify you of issues including low toner levels, jams, and errors codes.
  • Toner installation services dramatically enhances the toner utilization efficiency. ESG technicians replace toner when it needs to be replaced further enhancing the cost savings.
  • Knowledgeable technicians. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and certified to fix imaging equipment – including printers, fax machines, copy machines and scanners – across brands.
  • Bundled costs. All labor, travel, and consumables, such as ink and toner, are included.

Managed Print Services - Service Options

Service Options
Analysis Tools
Reporting Tools
Flex Desk Services
Break-Fix Support
PM Kit
Preventative Maintenance
Device Usage
Price Per Page
Price Per Device

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