Depot Services

An Easy Way to Get Your Equipment Up & Running

Don’t let installation delays and wrongly configured equipment slow your employees down and impact your return on investment. Through Endeavor’s Depot Services, we can help configure your hardware and software, retire and replace old servers, and repair imaging equipment.

Depot Benefits

  • Our services are designed to reduce installation time and equipment failure.
  • Hardware and software components are assembled, configured and tested so they’re ready for service.
  • All network elements are consistently configured, resulting in more efficient network operations


Depot Services for Servers, Desktops and Laptops

Hardware Configuration
Endeavor can install key components into your systems, including memory, hard drives, ROM drives, NIC cards, modems, video cards, and other peripherals.

Software Configuration
Simplify software deployment by having Endeavor install your operating system software and applications, configuring the settings to your exact requirements – all prior to shipping.

Custom Packaging
Endeavor can provide you with custom packaging and SKU builds to meet your requirements.

Custom Imaging Services
Endeavor can preload your custom images onto your system so all personal settings, software, and hardware are ready for deployment when the equipment arrives at your door.

End-of-life Services
Endeavor can help you with trade-ins, consignments and disposal services when you’re ready to replace or retire your old servers.

Depot Services for Printers

Advanced Exchange
Endeavor can offer you fast replacement of your equipment through our customized advanced exchange services.

End-of-life Services
Endeavor can help you with logistics, refresh, trade-in and disposal services when you’re ready to replace or retire your servers.

Repair Services
Endeavor can offer experienced technicians and an extensive catalog of in-stock parts. 


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