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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Work Together Seamlessly from Anywhere

In recent years, more and more employees have been requesting to work from home, and teams have been working across multiple locations.

Earlier this year this trend was accelerated as the coronavirus spread around the globe. For many businesses, the ability to work remotely was no longer a perk—it became a mandatory component of the business continuity plan.

With this ever-changing landscape, employers need to quickly respond and adapt to the changing needs of the workforce. Studies show that only 30% of business leaders feel their organizations are well prepared for the rise in remote work.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS, or unified communications as a service, is a solution to clunky, unreliable traditional phone systems with a cloud delivery model. Using the cloud, your team can take advantage of enhanced functionality and a wide array of features that would never be possible with traditional-based phone systems. Best of all, there is no longer a need to maintain expensive equipment.

Eliminate Headaches with Unified Communications and Collaboration

Are you experiencing the following issues?

  • No cloud/mobile solutions
  • Lack of communication modes
  • App overload
  • Little to no integrations
  • Capacity issues
  • Long ramp up time
  • Frequent downtime
  • Poor call and video quality
  • Shadow IT-security threats

Endeavor can show you how to put an end to the hassle, frustration, and higher cost of traditional-based phone systems. Give us a call today at (866) 376-9900 to learn more.

VOIP Unified Communications

Endeavor offers two industry leading, cloud-based unified communications providers for its customers to streamline communication, make remote transitions as smooth as possible, and keep team members healthy and happy while working remotely.

Key benefits of our cloud-based solutions include:

  • Voice, video, chat and collaboration on one platform
  • Cloud-based PBX
  • IP based
  • Lower cost

Each of these IP-based options allows for easy setup and management, allowing administrators and IT staff to quickly accomplish tasks like changes, adds, moves, or disconnects that could take weeks or longer using a legacy system. UCaaS solutions provide unmatched collaboration technologies, so you can focus on more important things like running your business.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephone solution delivered in Microsoft Teams. Using this single application, your team can enjoy an all-in-one communication solution that includes chat, calling, and meetings. With Microsoft 365 Business Voice, your organization will benefit from a reliable and secure enterprise-grade phone system, built-in audio conferencing, and a calling plan where you can make and receive PSTN calls to any number.

Meetings, chat, and calling are done from a single app, and your team can call from anywhere, on any device. Using Microsoft’s trusted cloud, you will enjoy security and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Cove Central

Cove Central integrates every aspect of your communications platforms on a hybrid, hosted, or dedicated PBX (private branch exchange) solution. Using award-winning 3CX software technology, Cove Central’s technology enables your business to communicate internally and externally from anywhere using an extension.

Capabilities include video conferencing, voice, team messaging, conference calling, SMS texting, contact center, fax, and more all in one system.

Choosing the Best VOIP Unified Communications Service

Not sure which solution is best for your organization? We have got you covered. Endeavor specializes in helping businesses with the best unified communications systems available today. Contact us, and we can help you understand the details and features of each UCaaS option so you can decide which one would work best for your unique needs.