IT Assessments

Make informed decision with a deeper understating of your IT environment.

Why do I need an IT assessment?

IT environments are organic and continually evolve to meet business demands. Through this evolution issues can emerge, including performance gaps, network vulnerabilities, lack of standards and data management challenges to name a few.

With all the moving parts of IT, it can be difficult to determine what is and isn't working. Are the best practices in place? What areas require immediate attention? Our agnostic assessment will provide areas of concern as well as recommendations.

IT Assessment Details

Our assessment service is a (6) step process:

1.Complete general Q & A (9 questions)
2.Complete initial risk assessment questionnaire (32 questions)
3.Review answers from (step 1 and step 2)
4.Site audit using data collection agent for network, PC and server discovery.
5.Deliver reports to customer.
6.Review reports

Assessment Benefits

  • Mitigate risk by addressing identified vulnerabilities
  • Improve performance through planned upgrades
  • Inventory list of software and hardware discovered

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