Important – COVID-19

April 2020

Notice to Clients and Site Visitors on COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our daily lives as technologists and innovators, we actively seek to solve problems, streamline processes and extend access to corporate systems.  COVID-19 continues to test the resolve of businesses, families, individuals and humanity.

Throughout Endeavor’s tenure, we take pride in ourselves as the kind of company that customers trust and turn to for technology planning, implementation and support. Endeavor has been steadfast in the support of its customers’ needs during times of crisis and uncertainty.  We continue to help customers support their business mandates and goals with the:

  • Creation and support of Use Your Own device UYOD policy for work-from-home environments,
  • Procuring, configuring, and delivering hardware and laptops to support remote employees,
  • Maintaining daily onsite support for repair,
  • Installation of devices and printing supplies,
  • Implementation of collaborative platforms for remote workforce enablement,
  • IT planning and advisory services.

I remain grateful for the staff that have risen to this unprecedented challenge by stepping up and doing what is necessary.

If there’s anything we can do to help, or anything I can assist with, please reach out. We are all on the front lines and in this together.


Jeffery Travis

President and COO