Virtual CIO Services – Virtual IT Consulting

Aligning your IT operations to support your business strategy 

Through Virtual CIO (vCIO), we work with you to align your internal systems and processes to drive business goals, meet compliance requirements and protect your data.

Virtual CIO, vCIO, as an IT Professional Service provides technical and business consulting through our Client Advisors to help meet a customer’s needs. vCIO provides the customer a qualified Client Advisor to help design, implement and report on a comprehensive IT strategy. 

The service assumes the Client Advisor can meet these needs within a budgeted set of hours per month.  If the Client Advisor needs more time to successfully meet the customer’s needs, the Client Advisor may increase the billing to the customer with customer approval.

vCIO Service Details

  • IT resource management
  • ITSM platform 
  • IT continuity plan
  • IT goals planning and documentation
  • IT polices review and modifications
  • Monitoring and measurement of established IT goals
  • IT Project Support

vCIO Service Benefits

  • Cost: Decrease the costs of IT expertise by leveraging the critical knowledge of IT professionals without taking on the salary commitment these in-demand experts demand
  • Agility: Increase your business’s agility by supplementing your IT capabilities and create a knowledge base that is much more than the sum of its parts
  • Capacity: We have a robust network of experienced technical talent ready to help you creating a knowledge base that is much more than the sum of its parts
  • Roadmap: Follow a strategic roadmap for success with technologies such as cloud, collaboration, virtualization, security, end-user support and business continuity objectives

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