UNIX OS Support

Base Level Monitoring

Includes monitoring of:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • File system/disk utilization
  • Syslog errors
  • Checks and balances

Once an alert is received, Endeavor will notify the appropriate contact so they can take corrective action. Additional monitors can be developed for site-specific needs at an additional cost.

The monitoring client on each system is updated automatically daily from a master client copy. This allows for the implementation of new monitoring functions, correction of problem monitoring functions, and retirement of monitoring functions that are no longer used. The update process does not override the client’s established monitoring thresholds for that system.

To ensure we do not overload valuable system resources with our monitoring processes, we have also built a system of checks and balances in place. This also ensures we have the proper version of the monitoring client running on your system.

Remote System Management

Those who purchase RSM will receive monitoring of additional features. Based on the contract and arrangements made by the client with their sales representative, Endeavor may take corrective action, notify the appropriate contact, or summarize the information on a weekly or monthly basis.

Includes monitoring of:

  • Print queues
  • Disk I/O rates
  • I/O wait time
  • Fan and temperature sensors
  • TCP/IP service availability
  • System restarts
  • Page and swap utilization
  • Detect if system unavailable or not monitored (no messages received)

Once an alert is received, Endeavor will either notify the appropriate contact, or log into your system and take corrective action.

In addition to the list above, we may also monitor:

  • Crontab entries (UNIX)
  • Patch level
  • Network interface configuration/status
  • System log events (windows)
  • SYSLOG events (UNIX)
  • Required processes running
  • Security events
    • Changes to user & group lists
    • Use of root & su (UNIX)
    • Unexpected truncation of any log
    • Login failures
  • TCP/IP service base functionality
    • Apache
    • SMTP
    • MySQL
    • Telnet
    • SSH
    • FTP
    • NTP
    • Additional TCP/IP Services
  • Cluster health
  • Anything else that may be scripted based on customer needs. This may include, but is not limited to, items such as:
    • Applications running
    • Application resource utilization
    • Specific directory security

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