Managed Server Services

Whether on-premise or cloud-based, managing and maintaining server infrastructure is challenging; but with Endeavor Services Group, it doesn’t have to be!
ESG’s monitored and managed server addresses many challenges:

  • How can I monitor and manage my growing number of servers and users without adding IT staff?
  • How can I ensure my servers are secure as possible with the most current patches and upgrades installed?
  • How can I do a better job of making sure our business applications are running always, and minimize downtime when a server device goes down?
  • How can I ensure my servers and desktops are secure from security threats?
  • How do I implement and enforce group policies?

Service Overview

ESG’s Server Management & Monitoring Services (SMMS) delivers high levels of server reliability and uptime through constant monitoring, troubleshooting, timely maintenance and pro-active administrative tasks.


Server Requirements:
Server ManufacturersHP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM
OS EditionsWindows Server 2012, 2016, Linux, VMWare
Management CapabilitiesConnected Remote Mgmt. Card with GUI console (HP-ILO, Dell-DRAC or IBM-RSA) Installed hardware management agents.
WarrantyCurrent vendor support contract, 9x5x365 – 1 business day response time onsite.
LifecycleHardware must not be listed as end of life by hardware manufacturer.
Hardware Minimums2 GHz CPU, 16 GB ECC Memory Hardware based RAID with a redundant RAID level; (1,5,6,10) 40GB Boot Volume (25% free space required)
PowerMust be connected to a UPS with OS communication enabled – Dual power supplies.

Feature Overview

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)Network Operations Centers (NOCs) staffed by trained server administrators to handle most server related incidents. Senior Server Engineer staff may also be engaged if needed/warranted.
Software as a Service (SaaS)Anti- Malware and Antivirus Protection
SaaS Window Security Patch ManagementAll Core Windows OS patches are deployed after the updates pass QA, either by auto- patching or a specific scheduled time or manually once approved by the Customer. In addition to this, available critical application patches will be applied.
SaaS Software DistributionEndeavor can distribute software to Endpoints. This software includes the Management Tool Suite as well as well as 3rd party applications required by our Customers.
SaaS Asset TrackingFlexDesk configuration management tools are used to track basic server information.
Change ManagementMinimize service downtime by ensuring that requests for changes are recorded and then evaluated, authorized, prioritized, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled and consistent manner.
Problem Management & Exception 
Ensuring the right processes are followed at every step to Preventing recurring incidents, and the service disruptions they can cause.
Active Directory ManagementIncludes domain, site and Organizational Unit (OU) management. It also includes Active Directory issue resolution; for example, replication issues or logon failures.
Basic Login ScriptsMapping drives is included.
NTFS and Shared folder and file 
permission management:
Access issue resolution, and shared folder creation.
Configuration Management:The process of identifying and defining the configuration Items in a system. CM is also responsible for recording and reporting the status of Configuration Items and Requests for Change, as well as verifying the completeness and correctness of Configuration Items.
Planned and Unplanned Maintenance & RemediationMaintenance that is performed after a fault, in hardware or software, has been found, to remediate that fault.
Proactive Hardware Monitoring & ManagementInstalled tools and skilled staff, monitor the health, status, and availability of critical components, such as a fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, disk utilization, memory, battery, and array status.


SKU:Includes:Monthly price per server (physical and Virtual):
FS-MMS-STANDARDMaaS, Anti-malware, Anti-Virus, Windows Security Patch Management, Software Distribution, Asset Tracking, Change Management, Problems, Problem Management, AD Management, NTSF/Shared Folder/File, Configuration Management, Proactive Hardware Monitoring and Management, planned maintenance and remediation.265.00
FS-PaaSCustomized (On-premise, Cloud, Hybrid)Call

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